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v1.0.6 for Android
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Oct 19, 2022
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A developer called Kimochi Gaming has released the 3D simulation game Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK. It will also be a bit different from other versions since it will have a story in it. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years old for playing this game.

A unique storyline makes this game quite addictive for many users. In addition, users often feel comfortable becoming addicted to these simulations because they contain a variety of adult content.

It's the only smartphone version that provides more entertainment than a simulation game among the many available. There are no other locations where you can play this game and it is only available for Android devices.

Isn't it time for you to take action? Those of you who are interested should download it from the official website with the free link if you want to play this exciting simulation game. If you prefer, you can check the details of the first device by clicking on the link we provided.

What kind of simulation games do you like playing? It is possible to play several well-known versions for free only on Android devices now that mobile devices have been developed.

Among the most popular versions, Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK resembles the real world in terms of how it simulates situations from everyday life. Additionally, millennials who are still on the lookout for a life partner should check it out now.

About Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK

Developed by Keimochi Gaming, Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK is a game for adults. There is actually no Android version of this game, it's a PC game. Currently, we are working on converting the file to an apk file so you can use it on your phone.

The game can be played on Android devices or emulators that are running the App. Angel is described briefly here, along with the game. Free Apks are always available for download when you need them.

You can play this game if you're looking for something simple but fun. There is something for everyone in this game, both in terms of story and gameplay. You will enjoy this game if you are looking for a simple yet fun game to play. Participants use their smartphones to create images in this puzzle game.

Getting great rewards comes from completing very basic tasks in this puzzle game. You will have no problem completing these tasks. As well as being funny, they are also very entertaining.

The Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK unlimited money will appeal to fans of character action games. In-game combo-killing effects and fast-paced action scenes set this game apart from the rest. Playing this game allows you to select from a variety of weapons and explore the world freely.

Learning the story of this game is fun and easy with this method. Now you can learn Chinese through games by using the latest version of Nejisim Neet. You can learn Mandarin by reading, speaking, and understanding this program. This fun program helps you learn a new language in a fun, engaging manner.


In the modern era, simulation games can be found in many forms. Driving trucks around the city can be done through truck simulation games. There is also the possibility of becoming a brake mechanic or a goat around town.

Nejisim Neet Dating Simulator for adults is a great dating simulator game if you like them. You can experience wild interactions here today, which makes it different from the usual simulation games. Single and determined to get rid of it, that's the premise. In exchange for living with three beautiful girls, your handsome neighbor will help you.

In this club, you will find young women, older sisters, and younger sisters with whom you can have sex. Throughout the story, you can interact with the characters and enjoy every scene. Many dialogues, flirtations, and sexual encounters occur in this movie.

In this game, you can do whatever you want thanks to realistic graphics and sounds!


Do you wish to remain single for the rest of your life? The fact that you can't find someone to love despite your beauty and humility makes you feel lonely. The event lasted for one day only.

Three women fall in love with you at the same time. There was a sudden appearance of an angel. With it, you will no longer have to suffer from loneliness.

You will change your life simply by chatting with three women. The women live with you and are taken care of by you. You were approached by three women. Mothers, all three are unable to form a true relationship with a man because they do not know him well enough.

There is a lack of love and sex among them. These two things are possible to give them.


The Nejisim Neet Apk, a game about an evil family, has simple gameplay. It's just like living with three women in real life.  Their daily task is to earn money by going to work. If you're lazy and want to do nothing, this is an option.

It's easy to talk to people at home and flirt with them. It's time to start a new conversation when the two women leave the room. It won't be long before you're flirting with everyone you know!

There are three people that you can sleep with while playing the game. The game has a compelling story when you play it slowly and allow each character to speak. Check out the gallery if you'd like to see some hot pictures of the game.


The designs and themes of Nejisim Neet Apk make it a great app to use. A total of two female ninjas can be found in the game at the moment. Once you enter the game, you'll know. He announces that he is an advanced ninja after learning the name of his new master and offers to pay you. It will not be long before the time comes for student exchange between the two countries.

Adversity is the best way to show that the world is flat, regardless of what you believe. The graphics are appealing to them, and the stories are customizable. You can add more characters to the game to make it better.

Android devices are supported, but iOS devices are not. Detailed information about the game can be found below. Click on the link we have provided to download this game free of charge.


The house where you live today has three beautiful girls living in it. You will enjoy the company of a single mother and two sisters who will make life more comfortable for you.

In spite of the fact that you are still single, your neighbor introduces you to these girls. The chances of losing your virginity have never been better! The next thing you know, you'll lose it every night!


By making the conversations part of the story, the game makes them more meaningful. Today you will be living with many girls, so you should expect some unexpected events. Moreover, you can indulge in more sex by entering a story. Scenes become sexier as you progress through the story!


Due to the nature of this dating simulation, you have complete control over everything you do and say. To reach your goal in this game, you need to select the answer that is most appropriate for you. Get the App today and experience a fully interactive experience!


Q. Is it free or does it cost money to use Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK?

ANS. It's free to use the application on phones and other devices.

Q. Do I have any problems using APK on my Android phone?

ANS. Since Apkpublisher's owner thoroughly researched this Apk, you can download it with complete confidence. This file does not contain any viruses. You can access it through Apkpublisher's Secure Server. You can download it from the link there.

Q. It is 100% safe to download Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK from Is this something we can guarantee?

ANS. APK files can be downloaded directly from after checking the relevant APKs on Google Play (these are stored on our servers and can be retrieved at any time). In the absence of an APK file on Google Play, we will search for it in our cache.

Q. After installing an APK from, can the APK be updated via the Play Store?

ANS. Yes, of course. A new version of the Play Store app will automatically update if you download it from the new version.

Q. Can you tell me where I can find apk files on Android?

ANS. APK files are located under user-installed apps under data/apps on Android phones, while preinstalled files are located under system/apps. The ES file manager can also be used to access them.

Q. My Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK won't install. Why?

ANS. You may have installed an older version of Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK. It is possible to download the most recent version of the program from the website.


This page will let you download Nejisim Neet v1.0.6 APK. It is important to know the following details. Once you have read all the points, you should be able to understand the app easily. With the Apk we offer, you will have access to a variety of features available in the app store. Despite being about to expire, the free version can still be used until it expires.

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