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App By:
Wave Money
v1.4.0.2 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 19, 2022
29 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

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To better serve the Myanmarese people, we have developed a new and safe android app. You got it; we're not talking about some random Wave Pay Apk. This program can connect you with a number of different lenders who offer financing solutions in the digital realm. Registered members are never required to come into the office.

In the past, many monetary dealings had to be handled in formal settings, such as banks' offices. As a result, people had more time to do things like go to the post office or the bank.

The context and era are completely different now. In today's world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of just getting through the day. They can't afford the time it would take to travel to various financial institutions.

The public is increasingly demanding the widespread adoption of a reliable Digital Wallet infrastructure for conducting hassle-free financial dealings online. That's why we listened to our users and created Wave Pay Apk.

About Wave Pay Apk

Wave Money, an app developer, has released an Apk version of their Wave Pay APK app for Android devices, version The development of this brand-new program was motivated by the need for a dependable method of conducting business online. Members with an active account can send and receive funds.

More than 57,000 agents have already recommended the app. If you want to get a better sense of the app's popularity, reading the precise number is a good idea. Now, people all over the world are suffering from a worldwide pandemic.

This terrible disease has also wreaked havoc in Myanmar. Scientists have created and distributed the Anti-Dot to date. The risk of contracting a disease while traveling to unfamiliar locations remains, though.

When it comes to fraud, banks, and the financial sector are particularly defenseless. This is because the frequency of actual physical contact is unusually high there. Because of this, the developers at Wave have created the Wave Pay Apk to meet the demands of the public.

It's been updated so that Android smartphones can use it natively, allowing users to send and receive money in addition to text messages. Additionally, it enables users to pay multiple bills, including transaction fees, from their mobile devices. Finding the right online payment system and making the necessary deposits is straightforward.

Users are not required to physically visit any centralized locations. The idea of 1W1D is gaining popularity. As a result, a single wallet can be shared between multiple terminals. Since this policy was implemented, safety has increased even more.

More than that, there are several tiers of account availability. People may classify some reports as "second-hand" for various reasons. As you progress through the tiers, the security protocols and service restrictions become more stringent. Level 1 accounts also have low transaction limits but high-security encryption.

There is a hard cap on the number of Level 1 accounts that can be upgraded. Those who think the size of the purchases they make regularly is excessive. After that is done, those users will be prompted to move up from the basic to the advanced account level.

You can use the application to do a variety of financial transactions, such as sending or receiving money, getting cash, adding airtime, getting a loan, paying insurance premiums, broadband fees, medical bills, and online purchases. Wave Money is a professional app that has many useful features.


  • Additional Safety Measures

By limiting you to a single device, "One Wallet, One Device" (1W1D) ensures that your funds are always safe. This new safety feature makes it simpler than ever to keep your WavePay account private and safe.

By upgrading to a Level 2 Wave Account, you can increase the amount of money your wallet can send and receive. Using the APP and providing the required information, you can upgrade.

You can deposit and withdraw funds at any Wave Shop, or make a direct transfer to a bank that is a partner of the Wave APP.

  • Sending Money

There are two ways to receive funds in Wave Money: either by having them deposited into the recipient's WavePay Account or by having them picked up at a Wave Money agent location.

To retrieve funds sent to a number without a WavePay account, simply provide the transaction ID and the 6-digit secret code at any Wave Money shop.

  • Spending Money on Airtime

Maintain a healthy mobile balance to ensure consistent contact with loved ones. Telenor, Ooredoo, MPT, and Ananda all allow customers to add funds to their accounts and buy bundles.

  • It's Great Fun to Shop Online

WavePay removes the hassle of paying in cash upon delivery, making online shopping much more convenient. Shop.com.mm, Bella, Rgo47, mBuy, Oway Fresh, and SarPayLawka are some of our dependable business associates from whom our customers can buy electronics, apparel, cosmetics, groceries, and more.

  • Refills for Play and Buy Games

Multiple companies with whom we have partnered are able to supply you with the products you need for your favorite games. As an added bonus, competing in Gotama gaming tournaments will net you rewards.


Q. Is it free or does it cost money to use Wave Pay APK?

ANS. It's free to use the application on phones and other devices.

Q. Do I have any problems using APK on my Android phone?

ANS. Since Apkpublisher's owner thoroughly researched this Apk, you can download it with complete confidence. This file does not contain any viruses. You can access it through Apkpublisher's Secure Server. You can download it from the link there.

Q. It is 100% safe to download Wave Pay APK from Apkpublisher.com. Is this something we can guarantee?

ANS. APK files can be downloaded directly from Apkpublisher.com after checking the relevant APKs on Google Play (these are stored on our servers and can be retrieved at any time). In the absence of an APK file on Google Play, we will search for it in our cache.

Q. After installing an APK from Apkpublisher.com, can the APK be updated via the Play Store?

ANS. Yes, of course. A new version of the Play Store app will automatically update if you download it from the new version.

Q. Can you tell me where I can find apk files on Android?

ANS. APK files are located under user-installed apps under data/apps on Android phones, while preinstalled files are located under system/apps. The ES file manager can also be used to access them.

Q. My Wave Pay APK won't install. Why?

ANS. You may have installed an older version of Wave Pay APK. It is possible to download the most recent version of the program from the website.


This page will let you download Wave Pay APK. It is important to know the following details. Once you have read all the points, you should be able to understand the app easily. With the Apk we offer, you will have access to a variety of features available in the app store. Despite being about to expire, the free version can still be used until it expires.

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