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v1.10.0 For Android
Updated On:
मई 01, 2023
756 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Infinite Magicraid APK, My dear adventurer, welcome to Lowes Continent. Among the many things you can do on this continent are collect heroes, summon the strongest companions, awaken the dormant force, and keep breaking your own limits.

Join your heroic teams on a journey from Sword Harbor to defeat Liam, the evil god. Battle your way through the divided Lowes!


The goal of Infinite Magicraid is to expand your control over a universe full of enemy forces by building a team of heroes. In each battle, it is crucial to use your heroes' best attacks against your opponents.

There is a bird's eye view of each attack in Infinite Magicraid thanks to its 3D graphics. Despite the battles unfolding automatically, you can easily determine whether the strategies you're using are working. In addition, you can shorten the turns if necessary to speed up the battle.

The main menu in Infinite Magicraid shows a general view of the city where the action takes place. On the map, you can explore different corners of this universe as well as take control of them.

There are dynamic battles in Infinite Magicraid that pit you against rival after rival. On your quest to dominate all corners of this kingdom, combine the best heroes you can to defeat your enemies.


Collect Powerful Fighters

Discover ten factions that offer powerful fighters with unique features. Take over the control of the evil god, Lihem, by awakening the souls of gods, elves, dwarves, and wizards!

Join 5V5 Exciting Battles: Your heroes can be deployed in a variety of strategic ways. Get rich rewards by competing with players from all over the world!

Enhance Heroes To Become Invincible

Enhance your power, upgrade your skills, and awaken. Make your heroes stronger by equipping them with equipment, and artifacts, and choosing how to train them. You can get exclusive weapons for awakened heroes. Make them invincible by unlocking emblems and talents!

Unlock Thousands Of Combinations

Thousands of team-up options allow you to lead your heroes to invincibility on both PvP and PvE battlefields.

Earn Rewards From Idle Play

Despite being offline, you can send your team to complete tasks automatically and keep collecting resources, such as Hero Shards, Coins, Equipment, etc. To get tons of rewards, you can set up up to 50 backend battles. Play the real strategy game with your hands free.

Immerse In 3d Visual Effects

Exquisitely detailed 3D characters. Immerse yourself in different stage settings like Sword Harbor, desert, forest, snowfield... Take your team on an adventure through the Lowes Continent!

Experience Grand Stories

A series of hand-painted stories tell the story of the Lowes Continent's cultural sceneries, and unveils the Factions' bonds and conflicts!

Explore Rich Dungeons

Defeat powerful bosses, climb towers, collect rare materials, and complete dungeon challenges!

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